A&D Cantilever Student Desk
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Table Tops: HPL

High Presure Laminate

storm hex (856)
navy legacy (985)
graphite nebula (994)
pressed linen (858)
cloud nebula (315)
folkstone hex (854)
gray nebula (102)
white nebula (215)
plum (736)
cowboy blue (976)
infinity (853)
fossil (194)
just blue (143)
leaf green (153)
sol (782)
clementine (852)
mars (743)
paragon red (910)
frost (918)
neutral white (123)
fashion gray (366)
folkstone (902)
northsea gray (535)
citadel (303)
earth (185)
black (900)
high rise (857)
kensington maple (963)
river cherry (566)
studio teak (103)
xanadu (110)
burnt strand (400)
wenge strand (150)
carbon ev (890)
neutral weft (112)
classic linen (155)
casual linen (201)
earthen warp (119)
chocolate warp (152)
wheat strand (179)
tailored linen (859)
Leg Paint

Powder Coat

flannel (F)
titanium (T)
cool gray (O)
wisdom (Z)
black (B)
Accent Paint Colors: Modesty Panel


black (B)
cool gray (O)
coffee (D)
wisdom (Z)
purple (P)
bluescape (U)
green bean (Q)
fire truck red (A)
orangesicle (X)
Plastic Accent And Edges

black (B)
fire truck red (A)
bluescape (U)
wisdom (Z)
cool gray (O)
graphite (M)
coffee (D)
purple (P)
green bean (Q)
orangesicle (X)
mod navy (C)
grass green (I)
lellow (Y)
vanilla blue (E)
graple (R)
tang (S)
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Detailed Product Specifications
  • Description : Introducing Paragon's newest "anything but traditional" design. Our desk will create configurable space with an open-tablet-styled workspace and room for easy access. The design is cohesive to the chair frame. The desk has rounded soft edges and understated lines with color touchpoints. Sidebars allow for unique accessory and ganging ease.
  • Surface/Edge : 1/2" HPL with 1mm PVC edge. Fully sealed side and edges to protect against spills and dirt. Integrated/robust "classroom front edge" has a unique cohesive design with a metal reinforced support plate and a leg lock insert into the cantilever leg for an integrated and durable finish.
  • Frame : Lightweight frame with no caster required. Quad-welded lateral support for "Paragon durability." Kickstand crossbar provides front to back table balance. Floor glides integrated into design. For that special touch, the waterfall perforated modesty panel has a clean, lightweight design and extends smoothly down the cantilever frame.
  • Patent : 9,226,579
AND-CA2024REC-28H 25.5"W 20"D 28"H
AND-CA2024REC-30H 25.5"W 20"D 30"H
AND-CA2032REC-28H 33.5"W 20"D 28"H
AND-CA2032REC-30H 33.5"W 20"D 30"H
AND-CAC2024REC-28H 25.5"W 20"D 28"H
AND-CAC2024REC-30H 25.5"W 20"D 30"H
AND-CAC2032REC-28H 33.5"W 20"D 28"H
AND-CAC2032REC-30H 33.5"W 20"D 30"H
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