Transform Traditional School Libraries Into Vibrant 21st-Century Learning Centers

Today’s libraries are social spaces.

They have transformed from a destination of individual study to active learning environments. Libraries have become a safe place for students to go before and after school, to hang-out, and geek out. Libraries are a convenient place to gather and engage in informal learning.

Incorporating zones into the library’s floor plan ensures students can both collaborate, but also research and contemplate their next assignment. To support this array of learning modalities, libraries need agile and flexible furniture. Paragon modular furniture makes it easy for students to form quick collaborative groups or break off individually to do their own thing.

Information Commons®

Paragon is reimagining the library with our Information Commons® furniture series. The line is designed for interaction by integrating storage for books and technology, as well as soft seating benches to relax between stacks. Teaming centers can be added to the end of a run and support small group collaboration using flat screen monitors. Coexist mobile shelving among the racks for added flexibility and integrate informal areas throughout your space using Paragon's MOTIV® soft seating series. Comfortable, inviting and purposeful. Paragon makes reimagining your space a possibility.

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Learning doesn't just happen in a classroom anymore. Learning can happen anywhere. Students want a hands-on experience. They want to collaborate. This new way of learning is changing how teachers and students work together, as well the role the environment plays in supporting their activities. Explore and learn from a variety of Implementation Guides & Articles that were written on Active Learning practices and strategies to support the change in your school.





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