Product Description

Entice people to come in and take a seat with our BLENDER® seating solutions.  Designed to blend in with our library and classroom offerings, the designs are highly configurable in and of itself to stand alone, or grouped together. BLENDER®, BLENDER® MIni-Blend, BLENDER® Around and BLENDER® Wave. Choose you desired seating.  Then select from our wide variety of fabrice to create the ideal look for your space.

  • Frame.  Hardwood/Plywood construction with foam padding.
  • Decoration.  Available with or without button decoration.
  • Upholstry.  Available in Momentum textiles and VIBE, a vinyl from The Symphony Collection.
    • Download our Momentum Grade-in program for a list of grades for each Momentum pattern or visit to view and request upholstery memo samples.
    • VIBE, a vinyl from The Symphony Collection, is Grade 1.



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