Product Description

Create a place for students to catch up with each other and their studies. The freestanding MOTIV® Wall Bench is flat on one side, so it can be placed flat against a wall, and rounded on the other to provide comfort to the user when seated. The bench is flexible and light enough to easily move to the conversation and fit among different soft seating configurations.

  • Two Bench Options.  
    • Single-Wall Bench
    • Double-Wall Bench
  • Cushion.  Seats two adults comfortably.  User side is curved to provide comfort behind knees when seated.  Wall side is flat, designed to sit next to the wall.
  • Fabric.  Select from a wide variety of fabrics using our Momentum Grade-In Program or purchase your own using our Customer Owned Material / Customer Owned Leather Program to create the ideal look for your space.


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