Product Description

A&D® Crossfit Storage Bench doubles as a temporary seat with an upholsterd top and storage for Idea Bridges.  The bench is mobile and can be brought out to neatly tuck away Idea Bridges when not in use and then pushed to the side and used as additional seating.  The bench seat is offered using a vinyl from The Symphony Collection or a fabric from Momentum.

  • Surface / Edge.   The top surface consists of 3/4″ thermally fused melamine.  The bottom consists of 3/4” HPL with edgeband.
  • Frame.  This product is uniquely designed with a combination of our flattened oval tubing and 3/4″ thermally fused melamine. The 16 gauge perforated sides have welded supports for durability.
  • Casters.  This unit comes standard with four dualie casters for mobility.
  • Upholstry.  Available in Momentum textiles and VIBE, a vinyl from The Symphony Collection.
    • Download our Momentum Grade-in program for a list of grades for each Momentum pattern or visit to view and request upholstery memo samples.
    • VIBE, a vinyl from The Symphony Collection, is Grade 1.
  • Ships Assembled.



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