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As long as students are engaged in learning, there are no right or wrong answers. Let the types of learning be your guide, and don't be afraid to change. Hear from various K12 thought leaders on how they have encouraged students to engage in a more active learning style and how the school environment has supported their efforts.

Paragon Symbol Library Live on ProjectMatrix

Mark Hubbard  |  September 27, 2018  |  Classroom, Vlog

Paragon electronic catalog and CAD graphics from ProjectMatrix are now available for design and specification on over 12,000 licenses available on ...

Vlog : What To Look For In Classroom Seating

Mark Hubbard  |  June 20, 2018  |  Classroom, Sensory Ergonomics, Vlog

There are so many classroom seating options out on the market today - recognizing what to look for will certainly help narrow the search.This week ...

Tips for Equipping a Maker Space on a Budget

Mark Hubbard  |  June 13, 2018  |  Maker Space, Vlog

You can have really powerful experiences with kids and not spend a lot of money on your maker space.  Watch Mark this week as he discuss, "Tip...

How To Make The Change To Active Learning

Mark Hubbard  |  June 7, 2018  |  Classroom

Making the shift to active learning can be a big transition for many teachers, especially if they have been lecturing for their whole careers. For...

Vlog : Creating a Maker Space

Mark Hubbard  |  May 29, 2018  |  Maker Space, Space Design, Vlog

When you are designing a maker space, you’ll want to make sure the space promotes creativity and collaboration. You can encourage both of the...

Vlog : Redesigning School Libraries

Mark Hubbard  |  May 23, 2018  |  Cafe & Lounge, Library, Vlog

In this week’s transforming K12 learning spaces vlog, Mark Hubbard shares some tips on redesigning your school library. As the purpose a...

Vlog : Sensory Ergonomics

Mark Hubbard  |  May 17, 2018  |  Classroom, Sensory Ergonomics, Space Design, Vlog

In this week’s transforming K12 learning spaces vlog we will continue to explore how learning space design affects student success, but this ...

Vlog : Collaborative Learning

Mark Hubbard  |  May 8, 2018  |  Classroom, Maker Space, Space Design, Vlog

Are you a school looking to transform your learning spaces?  Well, you’ve come to the right place. Each week, Mark Hubbard Paragon's Pre...

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