Service Requests

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Paragon’s claim center makes it easy to file warranty, order challenge and freight claims. Simply fill out the form below to start your claim, upload any applicable pictures and we’ll contact you by the end of the next business day with a service request number and next steps on your claim.  

The following types of claims can be submitted using this online form.
    • Warranty Claim : Workmanship related concerns.
    • Order Challenge Claim :  Non-workmanship related concerns.      
    • Freight Claim : All orders that are “DESTINATION” or “PRE-PAID & ADD” (freight arranged by Paragon) must be reported within 3 business days of receiving the damaged freight. This includes visible and concealed damage.  All orders that are “ORIGIN” (freight arranged by Customer), will need to take care of their own freight claims.

Have a question?  Contact Paragon Furniture Service Request Center by email at or by phone at 800.451.8546.
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