A Collection Of Literature, Images & Symbols To Produce The Most Effective Designs

Having a vision is one thing.

Having a vision that sees the light of day is something else entirely. That’s where Paragon comes in. We don’t just offer furniture for empty spaces. We offer insight to all your ideas. We help them take form. We help them take flight. Have a vision? Begin here.

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Of all the things you can change, the physical environment has the greatest potential for affecting behaviors and outcomes. Yet too often in the hectic and complex process of investigating, planning and designing change, we forget about how to make it happen and happen successfully.

Change can be difficult, but it’s always good. Here are a few things we’ve created that you might consider to help implement changes to your learning spaces. 

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Idea Book

A collection of active learning environments to inspire your school spaces.

Classroom Guide

A guide the discusses how to Lead active learning in schools.

Library Guide

Transforming school libraries, a step-by-step guide for success.

Maker Space Guide

A guide on how to create a maker space in K-12 schools.


Color Guide

A guide to help you select paints, edges, plastic and laminates.

Momentum Fabric Card

A card that includes a small sampling of Momentum fabrics for use on MOTIV products.


MOTIV® Soft Seating + Tables

A product overview on MOTIV® Freestanding and Modular Soft Seating and Occasional Tables.


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