32 years of School furniture excellence

Remember being back in school? There was nothing like the feeling of elation when a teacher praised you for a job well done or pushed you to solve a problem you thought was unsolvable. That’s the gift of teachers who make a lasting mark on our lives.

At Paragon Furniture, we want to make a lasting mark as well. Our goal is to create that same sense of inspiration and accomplishment– through innovative furniture design, space-saving solutions and the blend of technology. We believe our various furniture series will resolve your classroom issues and spark creative juices for new workspace concepts.

Of course, it's not possible to raise the bar without the commitment of others and Paragon’s entire team – from engineers to welders – is dedicated to creating the highest quality furnishings that take your learning environment from institutional to inspirational. We use only the best resources. We make on-time delivery a standard, not a goal. We make sure customer service remains the focal point of everything we deliver.

At Paragon, we take our job seriously and we want to help make smart choices. Choices that are classroom smart and student tough.

We look forward to working with you.

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