Watch : About Paragon Furniture

We’re Paragon. Problem solvers, thinkers, designers and engineers. And every day, we teach furniture a lesson.

A lesson in what happens when you outfit an entire school with eco-friendly furniture that helps teachers and learners get more out of their day. Intuitive desks. Chairs that smile. Waving shelves. Carrels that sing. All working together to enhance learning. And doing that work at an affordable price.

We’re good at working together. We have fun as a team, we laugh, our families know each other, we share pictures of holidays, we share ideas, we connect with one another on social media, we share in an ownership mentality, and we’re committed to each other’s success.

We’re also committed to our customers’ success. We’re happy when you’re happy. And we know happy. We put the ‘p’ in happy. Two of them.

We talk, we listen, we learn about customers, we build relationships, we connect. We help them make the right choices for their schools. Libraries where “Shhh!” is just the start to shhharing ideas. Lounges where benches and seats are built for inevitably fidgety butts. Maker Spacers that are graced with happy faces racing to embrace creativity.

We’ve been embracing it all for over 30 years. Since before some of us were even born. That’s a lifetime of motley. We’re pros. Proactive pros, designing furniture that makes things happen, instead of responding to what’s already there. We set the pace and place of learning. Because we’re learning, too. Finding and creating new knowledge sources. Imagining new products. Meeting new partners. Trying out new BBQ recipes.

We’re passionate, proud, perceptive people (we put the ‘p’ in all those words), putting furniture in every room of the school. So students and teachers can rethink, rearrange and really collaborate. Engaging students so they’re engaged in their future. And participating in today. That’s important, too.

It’s simple, really. We love what we do, believe in what we do and have a genuine commitment to transform schools and inspire every single teacher and student in them. We believe we have a role to play in building strong communities by making schools safe, comfortable, active and motivational places.

Like we said, we teach furniture a lesson. But every day, it teaches us, too.

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