About Paragon

We create Inspirational Learning Experiences, Stronger Communities, & a Better World through Educational Furnishings.

Paragon creates inspirational learning experiences, stronger communities, and a better world through educational furnishings. We design & manufacture innovative furniture made specifically for learning spaces to improve the lives of students & teachers. Each piece is meticulously crafted to work cohesively with the curriculum and in concert with the environment.


At Paragon, our core values are simple, but powerful. We strive to be a team of extraordinary people that make a positive difference in everything we do!


Our furniture can be best described as flexible & functional with superior aesthetic appeal. We exclusively make furniture for educational environments, so every product is engineered & tested to perform above the level necessary for the rigors of daily use in schools. Our products are durable & built to last, but also have specific design elements that beautify the space & provide comfort on a sensory level. A learning space furnished by Paragon will absolutely stand out in appearance & provide many years of unfailing, consistent use.

While we can furnish almost every square foot of interior space in most schools, we focus on three main areas:
Classroom / STEAM
Maker Space
Library / Commons
Within these environments, we have a comprehensive line of Seating, Desks, Tables, Storage, and Shelving that complement the activity & purpose of each. Our furniture is designed to be collaborative, flexible, multi-use & to support active, hands-on learning while engaging both student and teacher.

Our market consists of 3 main channels to which we deliver our message: 
o Furniture Dealers / Distributors
Our dealer partners ultimately sell, deliver, & install our furniture to the academic community, & play an integral role in our distribution. We are an open line but only work with the very best dealers who align with our message.
o Architects & Interior Designers
We provide architects and designers with our product symbols, specifications, and collateral so they can utilize Paragon Furniture on projects. Our goal is to partner with A&D on every appropriate opportunity.
o Academic Communities
The academic community is who we serve – they are the customer. While we do not sell furniture directly to schools, they are the most important focus in terms of everything Paragon does.

Even the smallest project requires coordination & far reaching support at every stage. Through our Outside & Inside teams, we achieve the results necessary for success.
• Outside Sales
o Paragon has 3 Regional Sales Managers across the US that service & support specific areas. 
* Eastern US – Ben Vardeh
* Central US – Angele Burton
* Western US – Shana Osborn

• National Sales
o Paragon has a National Accounts Manager that handles all of our online & catalog dealer partners. 
National Accounts Manager – Katie Pool

Customer Support & Sales Advancement
o The Senior Customer Support & Sales Advancement Manager are a wealth of information and have the knowledge & expertise to handle projects of every size.
Senior Customer Support – Kristi Rangel
Sales Advancement Manager – Steve Kim

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