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Since 1984, Paragon has been committed to producing forward thinking furniture designs that impact the educational space.

Our Story

We’re Paragon. Problem solvers, thinkers, designers and engineers. And every day, we teach furniture a lesson.

A lesson in what happens when you outfit an entire school with eco-friendly furniture that helps teachers and learners get more out of their day. Intuitive desks. Chairs that smile. Waving shelves. Carrels that sing.
All working together to enhance learning.
And doing that work at an affordable price.

The Leadership Team

Mark Hubbard
President & Co-Owner
Mark’s primary activity is promotion of Paragon products. Mark frequently interacts with dealers, architects, designers, owner representatives and end-users in order to better understand how the instructional tools of education are transforming learning environments and the furnishings within.
Ricky Kassanoff
CEO & Co-Owner
Since acquiring Paragon in 2004, Ricky has lead the company through every phase of strategy and tactics required to growing a small business. Leading the operations side of the business, Ricky brings his technical and manufacturing skills to streamline processes and procedures throughout the business.

Attentive, knowledgeable and accomplished.

Paragon. We do what’s right – we put our customers first. We learn about them and ask questions. We listen to them. We discover their needs, wants and dreams and help make it all a reality. With over 100 years of combined experience alone on our sales team, Paragon is committed to our customers to build a space that empowers teachers and students and makes a new kind of learning possible.

The Sales Team


The Support Team

Jessica Tucker
VP of Customer Service & Sales Support
(800) 451-8546
Katie Pool
Customer Success Manager
(800) 451-8546

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