Green Manufacturing

Paragon designs & manufactures a full line of eco-friendly Classroom, Makerspace, and Library furniture for K12 Learning Spaces

MAS Certified Green!

At Paragon, being eco-friendly is not a fad. It is an ongoing effort to improve processes with the understanding that change and investment now, mean a better future for all.

Science and Low Emitting Products
Paragon furniture classifies as low-emitting furniture in school environments. Let us help you with your projects that require LEED for Schools. We also meet the stringent qualifications for the CHPS EQ 2.3.5 credit. As a manufacturer of eco friendly school furniture that meets the criteria for CHPS and LEED for Schools, Paragon also achieved the strict standards to qualify as MAS Certified Green®.

Reduce, Reuse, Real numbers and not Rhetoric
Our wood products are manufactured from 100% recycled and/or recovered fiber. 100% of our wood products originate from certified sustainable harvesting methods. Up to 90% of our packaging and steel comes from post-consumer waste or recycled materials. In the places that we must use packaging materials, they are 100% recyclable. Our investment in machinery and new processes has reduced waste by more than 60% in the past 3 years. 100% of all unused metal from the manufacturing of our product is recycled locally. Paragon’s Arlington based manufacturing facility uses powder-coat which means you can be assured that no solvents and negligible amounts of VOC’s, if any, are being released into our atmosphere.

Partnership and Accountability
As a United States based manufacturer, we feel it is our responsibility to ensure all of our supply partners share our desire for environmental stewardship. By using independent third party testing of our products, we are staying accountable to YOU. This is not about telling a nice story to make everyone feel good. This is about doing the right thing for the environment and for the planet our children will inherit.


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