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Flexible School Furniture for
21st Century Classrooms


From student desks & chairs to teacher podiums & storage, our classroom furniture line is a complete solution for any learning space.


Makerspace tables, locking storage, mobile whiteboards, flip-top desks, & tech-ready workstations. Our school maker furniture is second to none. 


The coolest looking library shelves you'll ever see, mobile storage, & the best soft seating in the industry. Furniture for a complete library transformation.


Awesome soft seating, tables, and accessories for every age range and environment. Easy to move foam shapes, high-back sofas, & modular chairs.

Turn any learning space into a collaborative classroom with the right equipment & a little creativity! Check out all of our collaborative classroom furniture for more ideas.

Improving the Lives of Students & Teachers through

Innovative Furniture Design

Easily access all of our design resources to help create your amazing Classroom, Makerspace, Library, or any flexible learning space. Cut sheets, 2D / 3D CAD symbols, Revit, product images and more.

Areas of Expertise

Click here to see all of our classroom desks, chairs, tables, storage, etc.

Click here to see our maker tables, maker storage, whiteboards, mobile storage, tech tables, and more.

Click here to see our library shelving, soft seating, mobile bookcases, reading tables, and more.

21st Century Classroom Design - Paragon Furniture

Tips for Redesigning
K-12 Classrooms

The traditional classroom setup, with rows of desks facing forward, worked fine when lecturing was the main form of instruction. But as more schools have shifted from a teacher-centric to a student-centric approach to learning, the design of K-12 learning spaces is evolving as well.

Libraries Are More Important Than Ever

In today’s information-rich society, with the Internet at our fingertips, students and teachers no longer need a library for access to information. But that doesn’t mean school libraries have become irrelevant. Quite the contrary – 


We are committed to making environmentally friendly, safe & durable flexible furniture for schools everywhere!

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We’ve been integrating furniture into educational spaces for a long time & absolutely love what we do! We want to help you make your classroom, maker space, library, commons area, or any other interior school area the absolute best.  And we’ll do it for you absolutely free!