A&D® Crossfit Sweep and Dash mobile shelves are two different products that work great separately or paired together. The Sweep is Curved Mobile Shelving & the Dash is Straight Mobile Shelving. Both are offered in two heights & the units pair together for endless configurations. All units are standard with 3″ Twin-Wheel casters.

Sweep & Dash Features

Paragon Sweep & Dash are designed and manufactured specifically for educational environments. They are flexible, functional, durable, and look great too!

The unit consists of 3/4″ thermally fused melamine with 3mm edge band and a perforated metal back panel. The bottom is edged with edgeband.

This product is uniquely designed with a combination of our flattened oval tubing and 3/4″ thermally fused melamine.

Sweep is Curved Mobile Shelving.

Dash is Straight Mobile Shelving.

Both Sweep & Dash are available in 36″ Height & 45″ Height.

Multiple accent colors available to customize the look of Sweep & Dash.


Model # / Specs

AND-CF-SWEEP35A&D® Crossfit Sweep Curved Mobile Shelving 36″ H65″16.5″38.5″120 lbs
AND-CF-SWEEP45A&D® Crossfit Sweep Curved Mobile Shelving 45″ H65″16.5″48.5″160 lbs
AND-CF-DASH35A&D® Crossfit Dash Mobile Shelving 36″ H42″18″38.5″120 lbs
AND-CF-DASH45A&D® Crossfit Dash Mobile Shelving 45″ H42″18″48.5″130 lbs

Color Choices


Environmentally Friendly


Rigorous Safety Testing


the Paragon promise

Why Paragon?

Paragon creates inspirational learning experiences, stronger communities, and a better world through educational furnishings. We design & manufacture innovative furniture made specifically for learning spaces to improve the lives of students & teachers. Each piece is meticulously crafted to work cohesively with the curriculum and in concert with the environment. 

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