A Toolkit Of Relevant Research, Expertise and Examples On Active Learning


As long as students are engaged in learning, there are no right or wrong answers. Let the types of learning be your guide, and don’t be afraid to change. Hear from various K12 thought leaders on how they have encouraged students to engage in a more active learning style and how the school environment has supported their efforts.

The importance of physical activity and cognition

Mark Hubbard | April 8, 2019 | Classroom

There is a documented connection between physical activity and cognitive function. Two studies published by Psychology Today in 2014 found that physical activity can improve cognitive function over the course of people’s lives. One study from the Unive …

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Vlog : The Connection Between Physical Activity and Learning

Mark Hubbard | March 8, 2019 | Classroom, MAKER SPACE, Vlog

This week’s vlog is about the connection between physical activity and learning in the classroom and the research behind this. Learn from Mark Hubbard, Paragon’s President, and stay tuned for our upcoming vlogs and blogs.These blogs and vlogs are aimed …

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Having a vision is one thing.

Having a vision that sees the light of day is something else entirely. That’s where Paragon comes in. We don’t just offer furniture for empty spaces. We offer insight to all your ideas. We help them take form. We help them take flight. Have a vision? Begin here.

case Studies

Learn from schools as they tell their stories of how they 
transformed their learning spaces into active learning environments.


Articles & Guides

Learning doesn’t just happen in a classroom anymore. Learning can happen anywhere. Students want a hands-on experience. They want to collaborate. This new way of learning is changing how teachers and students work together, as well the role the environment plays in supporting their activities. Explore and learn from a variety of Resource Guides & Articles that were written on Active Learning practices and strategies to support the change in your school.

Ten Strategies to Boost Your Education Funding

With budgets stretched thin and no relief in sight, many education leaders are looking for additional sources of funding to support the purchase of classroom furniture, equipment, and other items. Here are 10 key strategies to help you leverage grants …

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Support Tech-Enabled Learning with Smart Furniture

A decade of research from the national nonprofit group Project Tomorrow tells us that students want access to anytime, anywhere learning opportunities through the use of mobile digital devices. And K-12 leaders have responded in kind, with a growing nu …

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Redesigning School Libraries for the 21st Century

Close your eyes and picture the school libraries you spent time in as a youth. If we could take snapshots of every reader’s memories and compare them to each other, chances are they’d look pretty similar: Rows of thick wooden shelving piled high with b …

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In Navigating Various Teaching Modalities, Agility Is Key

Teaching is a complex art. There are many strategies and modalities that teachers can use to develop students’ skills and convey critical information—and successful teachers weave all of these together into a intricate tapestry of classroom techniques …

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How to Lead Active Learning in Your Schools

Active learning is an instructional approach in which students take an active and fully engaged role in their education, rather than sitting passively and absorbing information. This might involve several different kinds of activities, such as class di …

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How to Design Schools as Community Learning Centers

As schools play an increasingly larger role in their community, here are four keys to designing school facilities for success. Schools play a pivotal role in their community. High-quality schools offer so much more than just an education for their stud …

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How to Create a Maker Space in Your School

DOWNLOAD GUIDEBOOK The “maker movement” is catching on in education, and it’s easy to see why. Looking to inspire the next generation of tinkerers and innovators, a growing number of schools are creating maker spaces equipped with everything from popsi …

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How Students’ Sensory Experiences Affect Their Success

When we hear that a piece of furniture is ergonomically designed, we typically think of physical comfort. Does the design of the desk or chair “fit” the person for whom it’s intended? Is it comfortable to sit and learn? These are important consideratio …

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How Classroom Design Affects Teaching & Learning

The way the furniture in a classroom is designed and configured can have a significant effect on how students learn, research suggests—and if you want students to engage in more active learning by working together to solve problems collaboratively, you …

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Collaborative Learning: Five Keys to Success

Collaborative learning involves students working together to solve a problem or complete a task. It’s an active learning strategy that has become quite common in today’s classrooms, and for good reason. The ability to work well with others as part of a …

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