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As long as students are engaged in learning, there are no right or wrong answers. Let the types of learning be your guide, and don't be afraid to change. Hear from various K12 thought leaders on how they have encouraged students to engage in a more active learning style and how the school environment has supported their efforts.

Paragon Symbol Library Live on ProjectMatrix

Mark Hubbard  |  September 27, 2018  |  Classroom, Vlog

Paragon electronic catalog and CAD graphics from ProjectMatrix are now available for design and specification on over 12,000 licenses available on ...

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Vlog : What To Look For In Classroom Seating

Mark Hubbard  |  June 20, 2018  |  Classroom, Sensory Ergonomics, Vlog

There are so many classroom seating options out on the market today - recognizing what to look for will certainly help narrow the search.This week ...

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case Studies

Learn from schools as they tell their stories of how they 
transformed their learning spaces into active learning environments.


Articles & Guides

Learning doesn't just happen in a classroom anymore. Learning can happen anywhere. Students want a hands-on experience. They want to collaborate. This new way of learning is changing how teachers and students work together, as well the role the environment plays in supporting their activities. Explore and learn from a variety of Resource Guides & Articles that were written on Active Learning practices and strategies to support the change in your school.

Ten Strategies to Boost Your Education Funding

With budgets stretched thin and no relief in sight, many education leaders are looking for additional sources of funding to support the purchase of...

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Support Tech-Enabled Learning with Smart Furniture

A decade of research from the national nonprofit group Project Tomorrow tells us that students want access to anytime, anywhere learning opportunit...

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Redesigning School Libraries for the 21st Century

Close your eyes and picture the school libraries you spent time in as a youth. If we could take snapshots of every reader’s memories and com...

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In Navigating Various Teaching Modalities, Agility Is Key

Teaching is a complex art. There are many strategies and modalities that teachers can use to develop students’ skills and convey critical inf...

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How to Lead Active Learning in Your Schools

Active learning is an instructional approach in which students take an active and fully engaged role in their education, rather than sitting passiv...

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How to Design Schools as Community Learning Centers

As schools play an increasingly larger role in their community, here are four keys to designing school facilities for success. Schools play a pivo...

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How to Create a Maker Space in Your School

DOWNLOAD GUIDEBOOK The “maker movement” is catching on in education, and it’s easy to see why. Looking to inspire the next gene...

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When we hear that a piece of furniture is ergonomically designed, we typically think of physical comfort. Does the design of the desk or chair &ldq...

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