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Grade-In Program

Paragon Furniture, Inc.™ partnered with Momentum Textiles offer hundreds of upholstery options all conveniently graded into the Paragon Furniture price. Customers simply pick a graded fabric pattern, grade and color, place an order with Paragon, and Paragon will take care of the rest. Material testing is not required. Upholstery pricing for the Grade-in Program is available on Customer Owned Material (COM) orders are still welcome. COM materials are not required to be tested, however customers will need to purchase their own material and send it directly to Paragon Furniture for the manufacturing process.

Pattern and color options, as well as samples, can be viewed and ordered through the Momentum Textile’s website at

Visit the app store and download Momentum’s 5Clicks app. Or head over to, click on Momentum Textiles to see the array of patterns and colorways.


Paragon will create customized solutions based on your specifications, from the leg style to the laminate color. Or our team can tweak an existing product to your exacting standards by changing a dimension or adding an accessory. With so many options, imagine the possibilities.

In-House Design Team

You have the vision and the Paragon engineering team has the ability to bring it to fruition. We put your ideas on paper and provide custom solutions, cost analysis and project pricing.

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