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The Adjustable Height Student Desk is designed for 21st century classrooms & learning spaces. With multiple collaborative shapes & sizes that accommodate students of all ages, this modern classroom desk is at the center of flexible school furniture.

Student Desk Features

Paragon Adjustable Student Desks are designed and manufactured specifically for educational environments. They are flexible, functional, durable, and look great too!

1-1/4” High Pressure Laminate top with machine applied durable edgeband

Flattened oval set of four single-post legs using oval tube matching both the existing all terrain legs and the tubing on the cantilever frame. Height adjustment is achieved with 8 contact points on plastic-molded bezels, and the contoured plastic molded end cap is held in place with the insertion of the floor glide.

Work surface is offered in 10 different shapes to form any configuration for any lesson.

A variety of storage and caster options are available

Five frame paint options with your choice of standard laminate colors for your top surface and a multiple accents to choose from


Model # / Specs

AND-AH2027REC20″27″24-34″Rectangle20″30 lbs.
AND-AH2427REC24″27″24-34″Rectangle20″35 lbs.
AND-AH2030REC20″30″24-34″Rectangle21.5″35 lbs.
AND-AH2430REC24″30″24-34″Rectangle21.5″40 lbs.
AND-AH2048REC20″48″24-34″Rectangle39.5″40 lbs.
AND-AH2448REC24″48″24-34″Rectangle39.5″45 lbs.
AND-AH2054REC20″54″24-34″Rectangle45.5″45 lbs.
AND-AH2454REC24″54″24-34″Rectangle45.5″50 lbs.
AND-AH2060REC20″60″24-34″Rectangle51.5″50 lbs.
AND-AH2460REC24″60″24-34″Rectangle51.5″60 lbs.
AND-AH2030KOI20″30″24-34″KOI22″40 lbs.
AND-AH2233KOI22″33″24-34″KOI 45 lbs.
AND-AH2436KOI24″36″24-34″KOI27″50 lbs.
AND-AHTRAP23″35″24-34″Trapezoid27″50 lbs.
AND-AHSTEALTH28″36″24-34″Stealth26″50 lbs.
AND-AHWEDGE35″50″24-34″Wedge27″70 lbs.
AND-AHPOINT30.5″34″24-34″Point 50 lbs.
AND-AHTESLA-L27″32″24-34″Tesla-Left22″50 lbs.
AND-AHTESLA-R27″32″24-34″Tesla-Right22″50 lbs.
AND-AHPACMAN35″42″24-34″Pacman27″70 lbs.
AND-AHSAPPHIRE35″47″24-34″Sapphire23″70 lbs.
AND-AH2027REC-EH20″27″16-24″Rectangle20.5″30 lbs.
AND-AH2427REC-EH24″27″16-24″Rectangle20.5″35 lbs.
AND-AH2030REC-EH20″30″16-24″Rectangle22″35 lbs.
AND-AH2430REC-EH24″30″16-24″Rectangle22″40 lbs.
AND-AH2048REC-EH20″48″16-24″Rectangle39.5″40 lbs.
AND-AH2448REC-EH24″48″16-24″Rectangle39.5″45 lbs.
AND-AH2054REC-EH20″54″16-24″Rectangle45.5″50 lbs.
AND-AH2454REC-EH24″54″16-24″Rectangle45.5″50 lbs.
AND-AH2060REC-EH20″60″16-24″Rectangle51.5″60 lbs.
AND-AH2460REC-EH24″60″16-24″Rectangle51.5″40 lbs.
AND-AH2030KOI-EH20″30″16-24″KOI21.5″45 lbs.
AND-AH2233KOI-EH22″33″16-24″KOI22.5″50 lbs.
AND-AH2436KOI-EH24″36″16-24″KOI22.5″50 lbs.
AND-AHTRAP-EH23″35″16-24″Trapezoid27″50 lbs.
AND-AHSTEALTH-EH28″36″16-24″Stealth25.5″70 lbs.
AND-AHWEDGE-EH35″50″16-24″Wedge27″50 lbs.
AND-AHPOINT-EH30.5″34″16-24″Point24.5″50 lbs.
AND-AHTESLA-L-EH27″32″16-24″Tesla-Left22″50 lbs.
AND-AHTESLA-R-EH27″32″16-24″Tesla-Right22″50 lbs.
AND-AHPACMAN-EH35″42″16-24″Pacman27″70 lbs.
AND-AHSAPPHIRE-EH35″47″16-24″Sapphire21″70 lbs.
AND-BOOKBOX3” H Perforated metal bookbox13″12″3″10 lbs
AND-BOOKBOX44” H Perforated metal bookbox13″12″4″10 lbs
AND-WIRE-BOOKBOX4Wire Bookbox13.5″14.5″4″10 lbs
AND-RAILSSet of tote rails only5 lbs
AND-TOTE-RAILSSet of 16”D tote rails & tote12.5″16.75″3″5 lbs
AND-TOTE-RAILS-14Set of 14”D tote rails & tote12.5″14.75″3″5 lbs
MOVE-ITX2Set of 2 skater caster, 2 locking, 1 non4″5 lbs
MOVE-ITX3Set of 3 skater casters, 2 locking, 2 non (Point Shaped Work Surface Only)4″5 lbs
MOVE-ITX4Set of 4 skater casters, 2 locking, 2 non4″5 lbs
AND-MOVE-ITX2Set of 2 casters, 2 locking2″5 lbs
AND-MOVE-ITX3Set of 3 casters, 2 locking, 1 non (Point Shaped Work Surface Only)2″5 lbs
AND-MOVE-ITX4Set of 4 casters, 2 locking, 2 non2″5 lbs
AND-DUALIEX2Set of 2 locking dual wheel casters1.5″5 lbs
AND-DUALIEX3Set of 3 locking dual wheel casters (Point Shaped Work Surface Only)1.5″5 lbs
AND-DUALIEX4Set of 4 locking dual wheel casters1.5″5 lbs

+Please note: Adding optional casters to ALL legs of a table, adds overall height to the table that equals the height of the caster. For example, if you add AND-MOVE-ITx4 to all four legs of a table that adjusts from 24” to 34”, the new height adjustment of the table with the casters will be 26” to 36”. If the configuration of the table includes glides and casters, how low the table can be adjusted is affected. The lowest height dimension is increased by the height of the caster. However, the highest height dimension is not affected. For example, if a table that adjusts in height from 24” to 34” now includes two legs with glides, and two legs that include AND-MOVE-ITx2, the new height adjustment will be 26” to 34”.


Color Choices


Environmentally Friendly


Rigorous Safety Testing


the Paragon promise

Why Paragon?

Paragon creates inspirational learning experiences, stronger communities, and a better world through educational furnishings. We design & manufacture innovative furniture made specifically for learning spaces to improve the lives of students & teachers. Each piece is meticulously crafted to work cohesively with the curriculum and in concert with the environment. 

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