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Entice students to come in and take a seat with our BLENDER® Foam Soft Seating.  Designed to blend in with our library and classroom offerings, the designs are highly configurable in groups or as stand alone pieces. Choose your desired seating shapes & then select from our wide variety of fabrics to create the ideal look for your space.

Foam Soft Seating Features

Blender Foam Soft Seating is designed and manufactured specifically for educational environments. They are flexible, functional, durable, and look great too!

Solid, high density foam core (95 Pound ILD) with durable, double-stitched upholstered outside. 3/4″ Plywood base on the bottom with 1.5″ adjustable glides.

Available in a huge array of colors & textures. See color choices below for more details.

Available in Hexagon, Pentagon & Trapezoid shapes. Hexagon has 3 sizes: 36″w, 27″w, 19″w – Pentagon: 24″w – Trapezoid: 36″w


Model # / Specs

Color Choices


Environmentally Friendly


Rigorous Safety Testing


the Paragon promise

Why Paragon?

Paragon creates inspirational learning experiences, stronger communities, and a better world through educational furnishings. We design & manufacture innovative furniture made specifically for learning spaces to improve the lives of students & teachers. Each piece is meticulously crafted to work cohesively with the curriculum and in concert with the environment. 

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