Enhance any learning environment with A&D® Crossfit Storage solutions. Choose units with open fronts or with doors. Then choose the interior cabinet configuration; all totes, all shelves or a standard combnation of totes and shelves. All units are standard with A&D® Dualie casters.

Mobile Storage Features

Crossfit Mobile Storage units are designed and manufactured specifically for educational environments. They are flexible, functional, durable, and look great too!

3/4” melamine with machine applied durable edgeband

This product is uniquely designed with a combination of our flattened oval tubing and 3/4” thermally fused melamine. The 16 gauge perforated sides have welded supports for “Paragon durability” and provide a cohesive design with the A&D® line

These units are designed to have mobility with four Dualie casters

Five frame paint options with your choice of standard laminate colors for your top surface and a multiple accents to choose from

When ordering an A&D® Crossfit Storage unit, select one exterior model number and one interior model number to configure the product


Model # / Specs

AND-CF-D30-OF22″33″32″YesNo110 lbs
AND-CF-D42-OF22″33″46″YesNo165 lbs
AND-CF-D60-OF22″33″64″YesNo215 lbs
AND-CF-D30-WD22″33″32″NoYes110 lbs
AND-CF-D42-WD22″33″46″NoYes165 lbs
AND-CF-D60-WD22″33″64″NoYes215 lbs
AND-CF-TOTES-D3016.75″12.25″3″1415 lbs
AND-CF-TOTES-D30-1414.75″12.25″3″1415 lbs
AND-CF-TOTES-D4216.75″12.25″3″2220 lbs
AND-CF-TOTES-D42-1414.75″12.25″3″2220 lbs
AND-CF-TOTES-D6016.75″12.25″3″3225 lbs
AND-CF-TOTES-D60-1414.75″12.25″3″3225 lbs
AND-CF-SHELVES-D3017.5″13″0.75″835 lbs
AND-CF-SHELVES-D4217.5″13″0.75″1240 lbs
AND-CF-SHELVES-D6017.5″13″0.75″1855 lbs
AND-CF-COMBO-D3017.5″13″3″ / .75″6425 lbs
AND-CF-COMBO-D30-1417.5″ / 14.75″13″3″ / .75″6425 lbs
AND-CF-COMBO-D4217.5″13″3″ / .75″14430 lbs
AND-CF-COMBO-D42-1417.5″ / 14.75″13″3″ / .75″14430 lbs
AND-CF-COMBO-D6017.5″13″3″ / .75″20445 LBS
AND-CF-COMBO-D60-1417.5″ / 14.75″13″3″ / .75″20445 lbs
AND-BOOKBOX3” H Perforated metal bookbox13″12″3″10 lbs
AND-BOOKBOX44” H Perforated metal bookbox13″12″4″10 lbs
AND-WIRE-BOOKBOX4Wire Bookbox13.5″14.5″4″10 lbs
AND-RAILSSet of tote rails only5 lbs
AND-TOTE-RAILSSet of 16”D tote rails & tote12.5″16.75″3″5 lbs
AND-TOTE-RAILS-14Set of 14”D tote rails & tote12.5″14.75″3″5 lbs

Color Choices


Environmentally Friendly


Rigorous Safety Testing


the Paragon promise

Why Paragon?

Paragon creates inspirational learning experiences, stronger communities, and a better world through educational furnishings. We design & manufacture innovative furniture made specifically for learning spaces to improve the lives of students & teachers. Each piece is meticulously crafted to work cohesively with the curriculum and in concert with the environment. 

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