Foster Active Learning And Enable It To Flourish

The way the furniture in a classroom is configured can have a significant effect on how students learn.

Students who engage in a more active learning style by solving problems and working together collaboratively can be encouraged by the way desks and tables are arranged in a room. Space shapes behavior and classroom activities. The best classroom designs are the ones that are most flexible and can be arranged, and then rearranged, to support the type of learning needing to take place. Paragon creates agile and flexible desks, tables, storage and seating that connects students and teachers to lessons, to each other, and to new ways of learning. 

Classroom Table

A&D® product LIne

Imagine what the right furniture can do for a space. Paragon’s A&D® furniture line creates endless possibilities so learning can happen any way and anywhere. Mix and match A&D® desks, tables and chairs to create an environment built for teaching and collaboration. Mobile storage with bins that transfer from the desk and back to the storage unit makes project curriculum simple and organized. Integrate Paragon’s Blender® seating to offer choice and variety to students. Let the classroom spill into the hallway or down to the commons and encourage learners to explore. Paragon’s A&D® furniture line supports a variety of interactions regardless of the lesson.

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Learning doesn't just happen in a classroom anymore. Learning can happen anywhere. Students want a hands-on experience. They want to collaborate. This new way of learning is changing how teachers and students work together, as well the role the environment plays in supporting their activities. Explore and learn from a variety of Implementation Guides & Articles that were written on Active Learning practices and strategies to support the change in your school.





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