The Compute-IT Computer Table is a sleek solution for computer labs & technology enabled classrooms.

Model #Product DescriptionWidthDepthHeightWeight Frt Class
COMPUTE-IT-2229RECOne-student, single post leg computer desk292223.5-34.55085
COMPUTE-IT-2229SOne-student, single post leg computer desk with scalloped edge292223.5-34.55085
COMPUTE-IT-2260RECTwo-student, single post leg computer desk602223.5-34.510085
COMPUTE-IT-2260STwo-student, single post leg computer desk with scalloped edge602223.5-34.510085
COMPUTE-IT-2272RECTwo-student, single post leg computer desk722223.5-34.512085
COMPUTE-IT-2272STwo-student, single post leg computer desk with scalloped edge722223.5-34.512085
COMPUTE-IT-2429RECOne-student, single post leg computer desk292423.5-34.55085
COMPUTE-IT-2429SOne-student, single post leg computer desk with scalloped edge292423.5-34.55085
COMPUTE-IT-2460RECTwo-student, single post leg computer desk602423.5-34.510085
COMPUTE-IT-2460STwo-student, single post leg computer desk with scalloped edge602423.5-34.510085
COMPUTE-IT-2472RECTwo-student, single post leg computer desk722423.5-34.512085
COMPUTE-IT-2472STwo-student, single post leg computer desk with scalloped edge722423.5-34.512085
MOVE-ITx2Set of 2 skater casters, 2 lockingN/AN/A4585
MOVE-ITx4Set of 4 skater casters, 2 locking, 2 nonN/AN/A4585
IT-AT LEG WIREIT-AT Leg Wire31.518585
PD-FLIP-USBPop-up, three outlet, two data port surge suppressor4.5″R4.5″R4585
IT-CPUCOMPUTE-IT CPU holder125181085

Environmentally Friendly


Rigorous Safety Testing


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