EMOJI™ Chairs help create a delightful experience for children and a refined, performance driven experience for adults. Each piece is designed to support us in how we move and find comfort at various ages as well as how we evolve from seeking playfulness to focus. Available in 4 different sizes & 6 different frame styles.

Download the Cut Sheet for detailed info on these chairs & the Buyer Resource Guide for details on all Paragon Furniture.

Emoji Features

Paragon Emoji Chairs & Stools are designed and manufactured specifically for educational environments. They are flexible, functional, durable, and look great too!

Emoji® line features six products: Emoji® 4-leg chairs on glides or casters, 4-leg stools and cantilevered chairs, adjustable-height Emoji® lab stools and task chairs.

4-Leg chairs on casters and glides are available in early learning / kindergarten (12″), youth (14” & 16”) and high school / adult (18”) heights.

Cantilever chairs are available in 14″, 16″, & 18″

Task Chair, Lab Stool, and 4-Leg Stool all use 18″ shell

4-Leg seating is available standard with swivel nylon glides and also available in felt or metal options, making the chairs quiet and safe for all floor types.

Provides ergonomic lumbar and upper back support

Up to 5 non-adjustable chairs can be easily stacked and moved.

4-way sit: legs to the front, side-to-side, or legs around the back.

Chair Size Guide

Color Choices

Glide Options

Model #s / Specs

Model #Product DescriptionWidthDepthHeightWeight Frt Class
EMOJI4L12 12″ 4 Leg EMOJI™ Chair, Nylon Glide13112210200
EMOJI4L12BM12″ 4 Leg EMOJI™ Chair, Metal Glide13112210200
EMOJI4L12BF12″ 4 Leg EMOJI™ Chair, Felt Glide13112210200
EMOJI4L1414″ 4 Leg EMOJI™ Chair, Nylon Glide1513.52610200
EMOJI4L14BM14″ 4 Leg EMOJI™ Chair, Metal Glide1513.52610200
EMOJI4L14BF14″ 4 Leg EMOJI™ Chair, Felt Glide1513.52610200
EMOJI4L1616″ 4 Leg EMOJI™ Chair, Nylon Glide1513.53010200
EMOJI4L16BM16″ 4 Leg EMOJI™ Chair, Metal Glide1513.53010200
EMOJI4L16BF16″ 4 Leg EMOJI™ Chair, Felt Glide1513.53010200
EMOJI4L1818″ 4 Leg EMOJI™ Chair, Nylon Glide18163215200
EMOJI4L18BM18″ 4 Leg EMOJI™ Chair, Metal Glide18163215200
EMOJI4L18BF18″ 4 Leg EMOJI™ Chair, Felt Glide18163215200
Model #Product DescriptionWidthDepthHeightWeight Frt Class
EMOJI4L12C 12″ 4 Leg EMOJI™ Chair, Casters13112210200
EMOJI4L14C14″ 4 Leg EMOJI™ Chair, Casters1513.52610200
EMOJI4L16C16″ 4 Leg EMOJI™ Chair, Casters1513.53010200
EMOJI4L18C18″ 4 Leg EMOJI™ Chair, Casters18163215200

Cantilever chairs should not be stacked on table & desk surfaces.

Model #Product DescriptionWidthDepthHeightWeight Frt Class
EMOJICA1414″ Cantilever EMOJI™ Chair, Nylon Glide1513.52610200
EMOJICA14BM14″ Cantilever EMOJI™ Chair, Metal Glide1513.52610200
EMOJICA14BF14″ Cantilever EMOJI™ Chair, Felt Glide1513.52610200
EMOJICA1616″ Cantilever EMOJI™ Chair, Nylon Glide1513.53015200
EMOJICA16BM16″ Cantilever EMOJI™ Chair, Metal Glide1513.53015200
EMOJICA16BF16″ Cantilever EMOJI™ Chair, Felt Glide1513.53015200
EMOJICA1818″ Cantilever EMOJI™ Chair, Nylon Glide18163220200
EMOJICA18BM18″ Cantilever EMOJI™ Chair, Metal Glide18163220200
EMOJICA18BF18″ Cantilever EMOJI™ Chair, Felt Glide18163220200
Model #Product DescriptionWidthDepthHeightWeight Frt Class
EMOJICHRATask A&D® EMOJI™ Chair, Base 22″ diameter181632-3820200
Model #Product DescriptionWidthDepthHeightWeight Frt Class
EMOJI4LST2525″ 4 Leg Stool, Nylon Glide18164020200
EMOJI4LST25BM25″ 4 Leg Stool, Metal Glide18164020200
EMOJI4LST25BF25″ 4 Leg Stool, Felt Glide18164020200
EMOJI4LST3030″ 4 Leg Stool, Nylon Glide18164520200
EMOJI4LST30BM30″ 4 Leg Stool, Metal Glide18164520200
EMOJI4LST30BF30″ 4 Leg Stool, Felt Glide18164520200
Model #Product DescriptionWidthDepthHeightWeight Frt Class
EMOJISTLALab with Foot Ring A&D® EMOJI™ Chair, Base 24″ diameter181637.5-47.520200

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Why Paragon?

Paragon creates inspirational learning experiences, stronger communities, and a better world through educational furnishings. We design & manufacture innovative furniture made specifically for learning spaces to improve the lives of students & teachers. Each piece is meticulously crafted to work cohesively with the curriculum and in concert with the environment.